EIU Track & Field and XC

The site was started in the fall of 2006 as modest sub-domain (track.triadpictures.com) for a web address. The original site was a plain white page with links to a few track videos, and the weekly "For Vetter or Worse" newsletter. The site continually grew, as more information was added to the site, like meet schedules and results, athlete bios, and weekly training plans.

The summer of 2008 saw a major change for eiurunning.com, with the implementation of SteepleWeb, a web-based Track & Field Team Management application. SteepleWeb was developed by eiurunning webmaster steepleweb Atkinson as a way for the site to continue after his graduation from EIU. The new site utilizes a database setup which allows data to be processed to displayed on the website much easier. In taking advantage of this, an ardious undertaking was started to enter all EIU Track & Field and Cross Country history into the new database - over 40 years of results, athletes, meets, etc...

The site now houses more than 20,000 pictures,over 170GB of videos, and more than 600 pages. Having that much information on one site has made it difficult to keep everything organized, so the site is now in its 4th Version, with the most recent redesign at the end of 2008.

The site was maintained by Nathan Atkinson, a middle distance runner, and a Computer Information Systems major at EIU. Notable help is given by Nic Atkinson for the endless hours of data entry, making all the information on the site digital and available; and also for filming most of the videos found on the site. Many of the pictures have been obtained with permission from the EIU Sports Info Department and The Daily Eastern News.

The site is now managed and updated by the EIU Track & Field and Cross Country staff.