'I'll be in the library every night until it closes'

Tuesday, December 1 2009 - Mike Hesslau


By: Jenna Mitchell/Staff Reporter

Posted: 12/1/09

With the fall semester approaching an end, Kelly Eichberger is beginning to prepare for her upcoming finals.

The sophomore art major plans to make flashcards and repeatedly review for her exams. Eichberger believes this year will be harder than her freshman exams because the courses are harder and have covered more material.

"It's important to pass all of my finals because it will allow me to take more advanced classes for my major in the future," she said.

The Student Success Center will have a workshop practical titled "Ace That Test!" from 4 to 4:30 p.m. today in the Charleston/Mattoon Room of the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union. Brian Brausch, a graduate assistant in the Student Success Center, will lead the seminar.

The purpose of the workshop is to give students advice on how to improve study skills, calm nerves and boost the outcome of final exams.

Mallory Ahrens, a senior elementary education major, is already aware of a few study mechanisms.

"Repetition and preparing yourself are good ways to succeed [on final exams]," Ahrens said.

She knows her exams this year will not be easy, but understands exactly how to prepare for them because of years of experience with college finals.

"I'll probably spend a lot of time in the study room (at the sorority house)," Ahrens said.

While many set study goals for themselves during the weeks before final tests, some students, like Justin Wallace, do nothing to prepare for exams.

"I don't plan on studying because I don't really like to study," said Wallace, a sophomore kinesiology and sports studies major.

Thomas Brown, a junior sports management major, is also confident he does not need to study in order to do well on final exams.

"I don't plan on studying because there are no classes I feel like I need [to study for]," Brown said.

For some, choosing whether to study is an option. Athletic teams have mandatory study tables they are expected to complete each week.

Mike Hesslau, a freshman history major, said being on an athletic team forces him to study and will therefore enhance his final grades. 

His goals for the end of the semester consist of receiving all As and Bs on his exams.

"I'll be in the library every night until it closes," Hesslau said.

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natatkinsonTuesday, December 1 :: 8:37:46 am      

mhesslauTuesday, December 1 :: 3:39:22 pm      
why would u ever do this

The_ForeignerTuesday, December 1 :: 4:39:04 pm      
Hesslau for president/ Prime Minister...

schwinn89Tuesday, December 1 :: 7:44:40 pm      
Young Heezy!

djmckinneyTuesday, December 1 :: 9:05:45 pm      
"Young Heezy"- Copyright DMac Inc., November 2009, All Rights Reserved

mhesslauWednesday, December 2 :: 12:38:28 am      
no for real though, take this down

assmanWednesday, December 2 :: 2:58:54 pm      
Hahaha.....Your so cute Hessnerd

AubzWednesday, December 2 :: 8:52:16 pm      
haha what a baller

mjfeldhakeThursday, December 3 :: 8:32:07 pm      
Im not sure what is more priceless Hesstanksauceballer actually saying that or how embarassed he is now that EVERYONE on the team knows!

djmckinneyFriday, December 4 :: 1:15:54 am      
best part of this story- just ran down to the library to print something and saw Young Heezy chattin' it up with a librarian. The man was serious. Tank baller.

The_ForeignerFriday, December 4 :: 8:55:36 pm      
I want his lifestyle. what a hero! I saw him at the union today, I ate exactly what he ate.

mhesslauFriday, December 4 :: 11:06:53 pm      
..some day you can achieve this baller status..some day

bjmateasSaturday, December 5 :: 1:04:44 am      
normally the library closes early on fridays...but HESStankballerballertankballer convinved them to stay open EXTRA late just for him!

AubzSunday, December 6 :: 4:57:53 pm      
The library doesn't close on Hesstank, Hesstank closes on the library.