New Feature: Leave Comments on News

Saturday, June 20 2009 - Panther Prowl

New feature added to, users can leave their comments at the bottom of news articles.  Only registered users are allowed to leave comments, so this solves the problem of spam, or crazy people leaving comments.  But everyone can view the comments.

If you have feedback on the new option, please let us know what you think.


natatkinsonSaturday, June 20 :: 9:56:27 am      

Here is an example comment!  You must be logged into make comments, and you can customize with color and stuff like that!

RunnionSaturday, June 20 :: 2:34:26 pm      

Cool programming.

RunnionSaturday, June 20 :: 2:34:56 pm      

 Too much white space between the end of the article and the comments.

RoosterSaturday, June 20 :: 6:41:40 pm      

 I agree Runnion. This is nice. Shoud get more action that the message board


RunnionSunday, June 21 :: 7:55:00 am      

 Also, something not related.  We are still having a margin collapse between the main section and the footer.  Try putting doing this in the CSS #footer p {margin 0px padding 0px}  Obviously have the margin and padding on different lines.  

jkspringerMonday, June 22 :: 12:29:53 am      

Its nice Frank's dad could make it to the wedding...    LOVE YOU DAD!!!