Site Update: Videos Offline

Monday, October 19 2009

All the videos on eiurunning are going to be unavailable from for an estimate few weeks.  We are implementing an easier to use video system for the entire site that will hopefully be online soon.  After this update, we expect all video use on the site to be easier for all users.

In the meantime, videos will be available on this site:

But this site is being taken offline by the EIU ITS department for excessive resource usage - this is what has partially prompted the video system revamp.

Any questions or problems, just contact us by using the link at the bottom of every page.  


jkspringerMonday, October 19 :: 11:24:06 pm      

 easy with the language on here dude.  but yeah that dump site is tank!

eavetterTuesday, October 20 :: 4:50:08 pm      

Excessive Usage?  NONSENSE!

schwinn89Tuesday, October 20 :: 9:28:34 pm      

so there is no Chad?

castrejonFriday, October 23 :: 2:10:19 am      

why are the cops outside?